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You want to take part in the Voodoo magic in North Austin? Come party with us! Let's get going. 3,2,1...

(Free) CrossFit ELEMENTS CLASS, offered Mon- Thurs at 7PM BY APPOINTMENT!!! Friday at 7:30 & 5:30pm, and Saturday at 10:00am. This course introduces the basic moves used in CrossFit. Following this class you will do a workout to be used as your intitial assessment. To schedule the ELEMENTS CLASS, call Voodoo CrossFit 512 at 512.501.9084, or email us at

(Free) When finished with the ELEMENTS CLASS, Experience a 1 week FREE trial membership- Your free membership consists of 7 consecutive days. Experience the awesomeness and see if it's all that you hoped it would be!


No contracts. We know you will love it, we don't need a crazy commitment from you. Our staff will stay on point ensuring that your time at Voodoo will be top notch. If you love us, you'll stay.


NEW MEMBER DEAL!!!!! Running until Dec 25, Get your first month of unlimted CrossFit at Voodoo at our twice a week rate of $135.


$175 for unlimited (except specialty classes)

$135 for twice a week plus open gym

If you bring a friend, you'll get a 15% discount. If you are prior military or a first responder, you'll get a 15% discount

Drop ins: Please be very upfront on your prior knowledge of CrossFit so we can ensure your safety! $20. If you are in Austin for a bit and want to talk about hitting us up for a couple of weeks, we will definiteley work with you on price

Decide that you want to let the good times roll, and you want to be in the Voodoo crew?

Now lets make some magic, baby!

Call 512.501.9084